ABS Locks


ABS Locks

ABS Locks protect your property against forced entry by using a strengthened anti snap cylinder which is not vulnerable to attacks by intruders.

They are protected against:

  • Lock Snapping
  • Lock Bumping
  • Lock Drilling
  • Lock Picking

ABS is proven to combat lock snapping and has been used successfully​ in Police and City Council target hardening programmes. The SS312 Sold Secure Diamond and BSI TS007:2014 3 Star accreditations mean that the cylinder has passed lock snapping tests.

It takes as little as 10 minutes to upgrade your home to the ABS high security locks. Upgrade today!

Visit the Anti-Snap Locks website to find out more and order your locks online.


Anti Snap Cylinder locks

The Problem:

Cylinder locks are the most common type of lock for residential and commercial properties, yet, did you know a majority of these low-standards locks can be broken into in just 3 minutes?

A professional burglar with just a hammer or a screwdriver can be inside your home in under very little time by hacking open the door handle, exposing the lock mechanism to then snap it. As simple as that, it takes no real skill nor expertise to do this and most homeowners remain unaware of this.

Our Solution:

ABS Cylinder locks are therefore a lock standard at Chubb Locksmiths, ensuring that only the safest anti snap locks will be provided and fitted by us. Indeed, all of our ABS locks are seamlessly designed to combat lock snapping or bumping while keeping the benefits of cylinder locks, such as being easy to rekey or replace without necessarily having to changing the bolt work.

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